Sample Bylaws

The sample bylaws below are meant to help Committeepeople understand, by example, their power to shape their Ward Committee. They are not meant to be definitive, and may well benefit from changes.

Sample Open Meeting Bylaw

All meetings of the Committee at which official business is to be transacted must be open to all Democrats in the district served by the Committee, and to the media.

At any time, by a vote of two-thirds of the Committee members present at an official meeting, the meeting may be closed to non-members of the Committee for a limited discussion. No votes may be taken in the closed portion of a meeting.

Sample Nomination and Endorsement Bylaw

The County Committeeman shall cast no vote in any City Committee endorsement or nomination meeting unless that vote shall have been approved by a majority vote at an official meeting of the Ward Committee served by the County Committeeman.

Sample Website Bylaw

The Secretary of the Committee shall arrange for a public website whose web address shall be communicated timely to all members of the Committee and to the County Board of Elections.

The website shall contain, at a minimum, the following information, which shall at no time be more than one week out of date, and shall be accessible by no more than one click from the home page:

Any meeting of the Committee shall be announced prominently on the website following the same timeline requirements as for notice of that meeting to the Committeepeople by mail or other means.

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